The new Officers of the Pan-Laconian Federation. (Left to Right) Ioannis Goranitis, Treasurer; Fotios Kokkotos, VP USA; Theodore Pavlakos, President; Anna Plagianis, Secretary; Catherine Iatropoulos, VP Canada
Leonidion award


  • Pan-Laconian Scholarship application 2021
  • 2021 Pan-LaconianFederationScholarship2021
    • Conversation with the Mayor, January 26, 2021: The Honorable Petros Doukas, Mayor of Sparta: https://hellenic.ucla.edu/event/conversation-with-the-mayor-the-honorable-petros-doukas-mayor-of-sparta/
    • We are sad to announce the loss of our Lakona Senator, Mr. Paul Sarbanes: https://www.anamniseis.net/ftohoteri-i-omogenia-ftohoteri-i-lakonia-lene-oi-lakones-gia-ton-pol-sarbanes/
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The Pan-Laconian Federation was established in 1948 with the purpose of uniting the Laconian Associations and Societies of the United States and Canada, and to preserve the Laconian cultural heritage.

Since its inception, the Federation has supported numerous philanthropic causes and has provided academic scholarships to deserving Laconian students in the United States, Canada and Greece.

The Federation holds Conventions annually, either in the United States or Canada and every 5th year, the Convention is held in Greece.

The purpose of the convention is to bring together all Laconians to strengthen and preserve their traditions and values; to challenge them to pass on those traditions and values to younger generations; to undertake projects that would benefit Laconian and Hellenistic causes  and to plan for the future of the Federation.