66th Annual Convention – Chicago

Over 60 delegates representing their chapters in the U.S. and Canada as well as a representative from Lebanon, attended the 66th Pan-Laconian Convention in Chicago on June 25-29, 2014.In addition to the convention business, the hosting chapter had planned a fun program for the delegates. Some of the highlights included the opening night dinner at the Rosewood Banquet Hall, the dinner  hosted by the Order of the Knights and Ladies of Sparta at the Greek Islands restaurant where 11 new members joined the Order,  the visit to the beautiful and inspiring  Hellenic Museum and the unforgettable Chicago Architectural River Cruise. If you ever have a chance to visit Chicago, this is a must activity. There is no better way to appreciate the rich architecture of the city than the river cruise.

Swearing in of new members to the Order of Knights and Ladies of Sparta
Swearing in of new members to the Order of Knights and Ladies of Sparta

Getting back to the Convention business, the newly elected officers are:

  • Supreme President: Dimitri Hios from Washington, DC;
  • Supreme Vice President, USA: George P. Marafatsos from Washington DC;
  • Supreme Vice President, Canada: Harry Iatropoulos from Montreal;
  • Supreme Secretary: Anna S. Plagianis from Atlanta, GA;
  • Supreme Treasurer: Catherine Iatropoulos from Montreal, Canada.

Elections were also held for Regional Vice Presidents and other officers whose names and positions will be posted on the website once the letterhead is available. In the meantime, please reach out to any of the officers listed above for details.

Banquet Night Awards Ceremony
Banquet Night Awards Ceremony

Several discussions and decisions regarding the Federation took place during the Convention, the most important of which was to approve the establishment of a museum under the auspices of
the “Hellenic Paideia” at the University of Connecticut campus to house the paintings and antiques donated by Mr. Nicholas Leounes. The museum will be named for the Pan-Laconian Federation and a substantial amount, over $250,000, has been raised and has been pledged towards the estimated cost of $300,000.

Additionally, during the Banquet Night of June 27, His Eminence Metropolitan Iakovos of Chicago was recognized.  The Leonidion award –the Federation’s highest award -was presented to the well-known philanthropist and Hellene, Mr. Chris Tomaras. The” Laconian of the Year” award for the U.S. was presented to Mrs. Martha Karakitsou and for Canada to Mrs. Catherine Iatropoulos for their many contributions to the Federation. Several scholarships were also awarded to deserving Laconian students.

The Federation wishes to acknowledge and thank Mr. Constantine Bacil for compiling videos of the Convention activities and tours. Convention videos may be viewed here:
Convention Videos

If you wish to submit photos of the Convention, please complete the Contact form.

Mark your calendars for the 67th Convention which will take place the last week of July 2015 in Sparti, Greece! More information will be forthcoming.