Knights & Ladies of Sparta

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The Order of Knights and Ladies of Sparta

(The 300 Spartans)


  1. To provide continuation of and protection for the Pan-LACONIAN Federation of the U.S. and CANADA should it be disorganized or dissolved. The Order is considered the heart and soul of the Federation.
  2. To perpetuate the LACONIAN ideals, customs, and traditions.
  3. To honor Leonidas and the 300 Spartans.

Membership is open to any LACONIAN member, provided:

  1. The applicant is of LACONIAN ancestry, or the spouse of one whom has LACONIAN ancesty and who shall remain a member only during the continuance of the marriage.
  2. A person of non-LACONIAN ancestry may be accepted as a member, but shall have no voting privileges, notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary.
  3. The membership of the applicant shall have the approval of the Commander and the Council of the Order.
  4. The Life membership dues of $100.00 shall accompany application for membership.
  5. Honorary members are accepted to the Order, in rare cases, with the approval of the Commander and the Council. Honorary members have no voting privileges.

To join, contact Gus Plagianis, Commander, by filling out our Contact Us form.