The Purposes of the Federation shall be as follows:

  1. TO ORGANIZE and unite all persons of Laconian origin and extraction in the United States and Canada.
  2. TO PROMOTE and encourage loyalty and citizenship of the members of the United States, and those in Canada to the Government of the Dominion of Canada.
  3. TO FURTHER and promote loyalty and adherence to and respect to the Greek Orthodox Church in America, and to support its institutions, spiritually and materially.
  4. TO ENCOURAGE and safeguard the democratic concepts of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion in our form of government; to resist actively all changes by the use of force to our democratic form of government; to pursue and encourage wholehearted loyalty and adherence of the members in the United States to the Constitution of the United States, and those in Canada to the Constitution of the Dominion of Canada, respectively, and all laws made thereunder, and to resist any totalitarian threat to individual freedom.
  5. TO STIMULATE amongst the members pride in the Heritage, History and Tradition of their ancestry.
  6. TO ENCOURAGE, cultivate, and promote social communion amongst the members.
  7. TO EXTEND spiritual and material aid to the inhabitants of the state of Laconia, Greece.
  8. TO AID and assist needy members and /or their families, spiritually, materially and educationally.
  9. TO STRIVE for the creation and maintenance of homes for the aged and orphans where applicable for Laconians and Hellenes.
  10. TO FURTHER the cause of education, by the establishment of meritorious scholarships, both academic and athletic.